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  • 35 years of study culminates in OPTIMIZE YOUR VOICE©

  • What "vocal presence" is

  • The original social media

  • The difference between the craft of speaking and the craft of singing

  • How a healthy voice makes a healthy body

  • Accessing your full breath & vocal color

  • Identifying and refining vocal habits

  • Embracing your aural signature

  • Increasing your understandability

  • The value of expert assessment & guidance

  • What's so necessary about great presentation skills?
    Great presentation skills are synonymous with great storytelling. A great presenter is inspirational, truthful, dynamic, persuasive and heartfelt in order to achieve the best engagement and connectivity with his or her listeners, ultimately resulting in a stronger progression of sales and closings. Whether you run a company of many or are your own creative team, how you present yourself is of the utmost importance.
  • What distinguishes a great speaker from the ordinary?
    Humor, effective platform skills, emotional and vocal freedom. What we don't need are stage fright, tension, and unnecessary stress, no matter what the job description. Thanks to over 25 years in my chosen professions as teacher and actor, I help you enhance the former and diminish the latter with exercises, demos, delivery, role playing, feedback, and much more. My training has given me an enhanced ability to quickly translate individual needs and intuitively construct the demonstrations and exercises necessary to address them.
  • What are the three most essential communication styles to master your speaking skills?
    I focus on the 3 V's: Visual, Vocal, Verbal (and Non-Verbal) signals in order to achieve consistent, peak performance.
  • I prefer bulletpoint lists. How do you describe Optimize Your Voice?
    Working together, we answer the questions 'How do we create...' • an effective, dynamic presence? • establish credibility? • increase and improve skill sets? • achieve peak performance every time? • compelling communication? • excitement and awareness? • rapport and build trust? • clear and persuasive presentations?
  • I hate the sound of my voice. Can I change it?
    Absolutely. Though we all have our own unique voice, with exercises and practice you can improve the resonance, clarity, tone, and musicality of your vocal instrument. It takes some practice, but you will be able to lower or raise the pitch of your voice through correct placement.
  • How can I eliminate stage fright and panic attacks before giving a speech or audition?
    There are many tips and tools to address this common fear. 1) Be completely prepared with your material (i.e. speech). 2) Think to yourself before you start: "I am a credible expert because....." 3) What need are you fulfilling for the audience in front of you? 4) Use humor. 5) Breathe!!
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