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Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

I think the idea of biting off more than you can chew is playing it safe. In reality, in this business, in any business, we have to be risk-takers.

Before you start your presentation, your audition, your sales pitch, or your interview, say this silently to yourself:

"I am a credible expert because.... (FILL IN THE BLANK)."

This also works:

"This is a story about me."

You become more approachable, more personal. More present. You become more available to your audience when you have made yourself right-sized. Those of you who want to project a larger than life image still need to start with your real self. People throw around the word "authentic" too much - what does that really mean or look like? It's hard to define, but very immediately felt when we are in the presence of someone who is giving off an honest and consistent expression of their core values through their words and physical presence.

Your demeanor, as a result, will invite your audience to listen to you. How do I know this? Your body language will show it. Your gestures will be consistent with what you're saying.

When you yourself believe you are an expert, everything about you becomes more credible, and your confidence level increases. When your confidence level increases, that telegraphs itself through your presence.

Many of you might say "But how? How do I do this?" Well, this is where 30 years experience comes in. It's supremely difficult to do our best work alone. Everyone needs a coach.


My Izzy (the ball of love above) wouldn't give up his stick, no matter how huge it was to carry around. He just kept biting off one little piece after another, and then trotted off in front of me so proud of his accomplishment. It became clear, watching him, that perception is everything. Taking bite-sized steps one after the other will accomplish any goal.


You can always contact me directly:

xo, Linda

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