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Clean Up Your (Vocal) Act

Does the following ring a bell?

When a friend or colleague is wearing a face mask, can you understand clearly what they are saying?! Probably not. The mask is to blame, right?

But what about when they are NOT wearing a mask and you STILL can’t make heads or tails out of what you hear?


Great Diction


& Projection

...should be top priorities for EVERYONE! Especially actors and entrepreneurs.

I’ve made it fun to master easy, interactive tools and techniques so you can become a terrific speaker and get over the fear of Public Speaking and Stage Fright. Optimize Your Voice© is a very new course I developed ( with optional Workbook).

Perfect for:

• Monologues

• Zoom Auditions

• Scenes/Sides

• Meetings

• Interviews

• Presentations

• Hosting

• Commercial Copy

Individual and group classes available.

Contact me for info and pricing:, or check out this page on my site for the latest.

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